Titles Available for Purchase

  • Christmas Wise Guys

    74 videos  |   Buy $70

    Hillsong Kids Big Curriculum is a Bible-based children's ministry curriculum
    packed with engaging music, multimedia, teaching & comprehensive
    training content.

    Hillsong Kids BiG is created by kids pastors from a Church that now spans
    the globe, with campuses of many different sizes, working hard...

  • Where's The Point? Service Element: Games

    5 videos  |   Buy $8

    "Where's the Point?" is an easy to learn game that your kids can play with
    Funny Man Dan. Perfect as an Icebreaker or game to play at the start or end
    of your kids program, or duing hang time at your next VBS.

  • Funny Man Dan Live: Hello

    2 videos  |   Buy $10

    I'm sure you've seen stand-up comedy, but when you are in front of thousands of kids, standing may not be enough.

    After discovering that none of his jokes were needed because he could make kids laugh with a single word, Funny Man Dan embarked on a journey of developing what he calls 'Bounce Ar...

  • Wash Our Hands

    1 video  |   Buy $3

    A song from BiG Curriculum to encourage children to wash their hands. Use this song to create a fun moment before snack time of after play time.