Tell the World Curriculum

Tell the World Curriculum

Hillsong Kids BIG is a large group/small group Children's Ministry Curriculum for children 5 to 12 years of age. This interactive multimedia-based curriculum is a 13-lesson attention-grabbing learning experience made up of 3 themes (3 BIG PICTURES), with 4 to 5 lesson topics per theme (BIG IDEAS).
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What's included?

- 13 Interactive Teaching Video Clips
- 13 Question Video Segments
- 3 High Retention Bible Memory Verse Video Segments
- Accompaniment Track Videos with Full Stereo and Split Track Files for Each Video
- Pre-Service Countdown Video
- Ministry Time Video
- Game Time Video
- Print Material for the 13 Lesson Curriculum
- Reproducible Leader Guides for Each Lesson
- Reproducible Small Group Studies (1 per lesson for younger children, 1 per lesson for older children, 1 per lesson for preteens)
- Graphic Design & Logos
- Leaders Training Videos

In short, everything you need to create an awesome children’s ministry experience for your kids!

Tell The World 1: God Loves You
1. Big Idea: In 'My' Beginning - Big Point: God loves me, created me and knows everything about me
2. Big Idea: Falling Over - Big Point: God loves me too much to leave me in sin
3. Big Idea: Life of Love - Big Point: Jesus' life shows me how to live
4. Big Idea: God So Loved - Big Point: Jesus died on the cross for you and for me

Tell the World 2: Jesus Lives
1. Big Idea: Death Defying - Big Point: Jesus rose from the dead and defeated sin and death
2. Big Idea: Wiped Out! - Big Point: Jesus forgave me and I need to forgive others
3. Big Idea: Power In Your Name - Big Point: Jesus heals today
4. Big Idea: Not Alone - Big Point: God sent the Holy Spirit to help me
5. Big Idea: Remember Me - Big Point: Communion helps me remember what Jesus did for me

Tell The World 3: I'm Not Ashamed of the Gospel
1. Big Idea: Fully Charged - Big Point: There is power in the Gospel
2. Big Idea: What's Your Story - Big Point: Your life and story can lead others to Jesus
3. Big Idea: World Changers - Big Point: I can take the Gospel to my world
4. Big Idea: Mission Possible - Big Point: I can boldly tell my world about Jesus

Tell the World Curriculum