Adventure Ahead | Toddler

Adventure Ahead | Toddler

The TODDLER playlist is for Ages 1-3 years old. This playlist is Adventure Ahead
It has all the media content in order to run your program including a tidy up song, worship, Big Message teaching content and a quiz to help learning retention and finishes with the “Alligator Goodbye” and “Wash Our Hands” song. Print Material for this lesson is attached for you to download, print and use in your program.

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Adventure Ahead | Toddler
  • Tidy Up Song

    The Tidy Up Song is transition music for Preschool and Toddler age groups, to help thechildren pack up from free play and join together for upfront time.Leaders encourage children to help pack away toys and tidy up thespace together.

  • Worship

    Worship | Toddler | Adventure Ahead | GSET 3.2
    The Worship video starts with the BiG Word, a bible memory verse song, followed by 2 kids worship songs. It also includes a short prayer moment where you can lead your group in a time of prayer before the last song.

  • Theme Song

    Theme Song | Toddler | Adventure Ahead | GSET 3.2
    The Theme Song is a fun short song that introduces the theme of the lesson.

  • BiG Message

    BiG Message | Toddler | Adventure Ahead | GSET 3.2
    The Toddler BiG Message the teaching video which illustrates and unpacks the lesson through engaging and fun videos. It includes a Teaching, an engaging object lesson, an artists creation of the big story and of course some fun with Funny Man Dan.

  • BiG Quiz

    BiG Quiz | Toddler | Adventure Ahead | GSET 3.2
    The FMD big quiz is a fun interactive question & answer time with Funny Man Dan that reinforces the lesson. Have the group get up on their feet and mimic the pose that corresponds with the correct answer.

  • Ministry Loop

    The Ministry Time video has calm music with slow moving and soothingvisuals for you to play during small group time, creating an ideal atmosphere.

  • Alligator Goodbye

    The Alligator Goodbye is a fun way to wrap up your upfront teachingtime for your Preschool and Toddler age groups. Encourage children to stand up andparticipate and use to transition into your next activity.

  • Wash Our Hands

    The Wash Our Hands Song is for Preschool and Toddler Age groups and can be played whilechildren wash their hands, creating a fun moment during this time in yourprogram before snack time.

  • Birthday Song

    Birthday Song

  • BiG Message Live

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  • KDG Leader's Guide

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  • Colouring Page

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